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Alok Menghrajani is ZXS's founder and sole consultant.

My past experience includes building sensitive systems at small startups, defense entities, and large companies. For example, I co-invented Hack, Facebook/Meta's typesystem for PHP. I built or maintained various payments related microservices at Square/Block, including an open source cold storage solution. I also consulted for many Swiss private banks.

Alok Menghrajani

Modus operandi

  • Client confidentiality.
  • Each engagement's data is stored in isolation. Each engagement's compute is on dedicated servers.
  • Transparent time tracking and simple billing.
  • No sub-contracting — unless requested by client for specific sub-contracting tasks.
  • Remote-first — happy to work with you, whether we share timezones or not.
  • Available online via Slack, email, or whatever communication protocol suits you best.